Can Homeschoolers go to University?

Yes, many curriculum suppliers offer either matric or Cambridge University Entrance Exams (the more popular option). Also most SA Universities are now requiring their own entrance exams due to the drop in the matric standard.

A young man who was resident in East London matriculated through Damlin at the age of 15 (this was one of the first exams he wrote in his entire life!). He applied for university entry for a BSc degree at RAU at the age of 16. He had to go for various interviews as they felt he wasn't emotionally mature enough to deal with 'Varsity life! He proved them wrong and at the age of 21 is in the process of completing his MSc with Maths as a major!!!

Homeschoolers however often don't choose tertiary education but instead seem very entrepreneural and create employment for themselves or are employed and trained on the job in family businesses. Homeschoolers are in demand due to their strong inter and intra personal skills and dependability, they have motivation and can work independantly - skills employers appreciate.

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