Are homeschooled children able to socialise with other children?

Homeschoolers are able to socialise very well, in fact better than their institutionalised peers! They learn social skills (what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour) first hand from their parent's example instead of a group of rowdy, undisciplined 5 year olds! Homeschooled children are not removed from life and placed into groups according to their age as school children are. They learn in a family context and often also accompany a self-employed dad to work! They thus know how to interact with various age groups. They often have to help keep the toddlers occupied while mom spends individual time with an older sibling. We have 9 year old boys teaching 3 year olds in Sunday School and 6 year olds visiting "their best friends" in Old Age Homes! They are confident in the presence of adults (not intimidated due to an unhealthy authority figure image) and can conduct meaningfull coversations on a variety of topics due to their general knowledge gleaned from pusueing their interests.

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