The 20 Qualities of an Educated Person
by John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto, former New York City and New York State Teacher of
the Year has compiled the following list that he calls "The 20 Qualities
of an Educated Person." In compiling this list, Gatto reviewed the
answers to questionnaires given to a number of Corporate Personnel
Managers and College Admission Officers. According to these two
groups, an educated person will demonstrate:

1. A broadly knowledgeable mind
2. Self confidence
3. A life purpose
4. A touch of class
5. Good leadership skills
6. The ability to work with a team
7. Patience
8. Good public speaking skills
9. Good writing skills
10. Resourcefulness
11. A desire for responsibility
12. Honesty
13. A public spirit
14. The ability to work well alone
15. An eye for details
16. The ability to focus at will
17. Perseverance
18. The ability to handle pressure
19. Curiosity
20. An attractive personal style

(Do you notice how these have little to do with academic knowledge
and skills, but a LOT to do with CHARACTER?)