Alice's Typical Day

What stood out most in going through the Learning Style info, was the lack of “sequentialness” in our family!  We are all either abstract random or concrete random. I am not sure of the little kids yet, but none of us “olders” are sequential.  Suddenly it makes sense why our lives are a little … er … chaotic!  Why I have never managed to adhere to any schedule I have ever made! 

Dh is a typical “Mr. Visionary” CR.  He’s an entrepreneur, a risk taker. Last year he decided, almost overnight to purchase a farm: “Hey, I know it’s pretty run down, but it has huge potential, and we get it for a BARGAIN!”  “Yes”, said AR mommy “we can fix up the house and farming will be an adventure!”  We glossed over the minor inconveniences of leaky roof, no clean water, no telephone line or cell signal…….. oh and the broken water pipes, pumps, fences, gates, buildings, implements, tractors………

Ah well, our children have learned to be flexible J

Today (a fairly typical day) looked like this:

Got up early and decided to ride before it got hot. Went for an hour’s ride & talked to the Lord. Came back feeling very thankful.

Fed & groomed horses, mucked out stable. Pulled a few weeds, went to dump them on the pile for burning. This led to a “quick” walk around the garden to see what the gardener had done, which led to hauling away some dead branches, and trying to pull the creeper off an overgrown rose bush. Eventually my growling tummy tells me to go inside & eat.

It’s 9.30 and the children have fed themselves. Grab some muesli and a banana. Intend to shower & change, but get side-tracked …

Direct children to do their chores, and I sit down at the computer…….

11 am and I REALLY should do some schoolwork with the kids. But they are playing so nicely now – Daniel (13) has his motorcycle in pieces, Jess (11) is making a colouring book with the two littlies (5&3), Megan (9) is building a house out of sticks and wood glue & wire. I can’t bear to disturb them……   Start mending clothes…. Which leads to Megan asking for a sewing lesson, so we cut out some pj pants together and I help her sew them up…….

1.00 – complaints of hunger are starting to filter through, so I direct Daniel to go make sandwiches. I really should go and shower …….

2.00 – we STILL haven’t done any schoolwork, but now the littlies are grumpy, and trying to work with them underfoot will NOT be a good idea. So I read them a story, cuddle with them on the bed for half an hour, ALMOST succumb to the temptation to have a little nap – the bed is SO warm – give them hot chocolate and a rusk, and plonk them down with paints.

Everyone else wants hot choc too, so we have a “hot chocolate break” (break from *what*???)

Around 3.00,  I direct the kids to please “get out some schoolwork”. They do some handwriting, a page of MUS, Jess does some Llatl, Meg reads a couple of pages to me, we discover Daniel has left ALL his schoolbooks at dh’s office in town. So I tell him to go “read something useful” – he disappears to his bedroom with a Popular Mechanics magazine. I guess that is all we are going to get done today. Jess wants to ride, so I help her catch & saddle her horse and cheer as she goes over the jumps in the garden.

Dh gets home, kids all pile onto the back of the bakkie for a trip around the farm, loading veg for the market, etc. and I quickly try to assemble something nutritious for supper.  The day is over. I’m still in my dirty jodhs – never did have that shower. And I discover at bedtime that the 5yo has had her pjs on under her clothes all day.

This is an average day for us. Somehow, the children seem to be making progress through their workbooks, albeit slow. When I consider the alternatives (getting them off to school each morning, homework, school uniforms, sports meetings) I am SO thankful for the opportunity to homeschool.  I LOVE my life. I know we need to work a little harder at routine, but it’s a challenge for an Abstract Random ! J

Tomorrow the books probably won’t even be opened – we need to go to the library (I keep the library financially afloat with my overdue fines – AR’s aren’t good with time restraints) and then we’re meeting some friends to see “Ice Princess” at the movies (socialisation???). Next week we will go with the same friends to the Durban Ice Rink to skate (sport???).  I hope the education department never catches up with me. I haven’t kept records since 1999

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