A Typical Homeschooling Home
(a stimulating environment!)

Children love to visit homeschooling families. Their homes are necessarily packed with resources and ‘stuff’ to play with and examine; design or engineering projects may be in progress; bits of string or wire here and there appear to be doing something; mathematical equipment and science experiments are often evident and tempt investigation. There will be hundreds of books of all kinds, an abundance of paper and a vast range of art and craft materials, board games and puzzles overflowing the shelves, music and movies and usually the child's prize possession, the computer, is furnished with all sorts of wonderful treats to extend the child's imagination and logical thinking. This, and more, because for now the home is the palette from which he will construct his world. It must be rich with colours and tones. Later (he will know when), home will extend to include his local community with all the colours it will bring. Later still, his world reach to the shores and, finally, he will know that the whole world, past and present, is his to construct a life with.

~ Author Unknown