The Association endeavours to obtain the recognition of society and the protection of the law for the obligation and concomitant right of parents to educate and school their children in every respect.

The Association recognises that the state has a constitutional obligation towards the child, in cases where the parents are unwilling or unable to educate and school their children according to agreed standards, to assume one or both of these functions.

The Association recognises that parents have the right to delegate the task of schooling to competent teachers.


The Executive Committee may award membership to any person who subscribes to the provisions of this Constitution. No person will be refused membership on the grounds of religious persuasion, gender, political affiliation or ethnicity.

Membership is a voluntary contribution of R50 per term, please contact us for an application form.


We have weekly Small Group & Co-Op Meetings in various areas (referred to as Chapters) of the Eastern Cape.
Big Group Meetings are often held once a Term and include annual activities such as a Family Camp, Concert, Entrepreneurs Market, Home School Expo and a Year End Celebration. 
Please contact us for more information & to join in our activities!

Online support:

There is an e-mail group for SA Home Schoolers that focuses on the legal aspect of homeschooling:
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or alternatively you can visit the site at

If you are a Christian mother considering homeschooling you could join a relaxed group of homeschooling mothers around the Home School Kitchen Table for encouragement and advice.
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Are you new to homeschooling in South African, and looking for more information about it? Not sure if you can take the plunge? Join our friendly, supportive group where you can discuss anything related to homeschooling in South Africa.


Chairperson: Megan Puchert
Secretary: Natascha Yazbek
e-mail: echsa1@gmail.com